A perfect controlled climate

The Plant Factory is set in a 40’ HC insulated shipping container. The 69mm insulated walls follow the international insulation regulations, CSC and ATP, and is as close as infallible as possible. This creates a great base for climate preservation regardless of weather conditions, and thus perfect for indoor -climate controlled- growing.

Benefits of climate controlled growing

- no location requirements For farming, some areas in the world are better than other ones. Temperatures, humidity, drought or the amount of sunshine plays a big role in the effectivity of growing crops. A closed climate-controlled growing facility (indoor farm) helps with that. A desired growing climate can be made no matter where it stands and what the climate conditions are.

- Perfect growing conditions, all year long Throughout the year climate changes, this makes it difficult to grow certain foods year-round. Many farmers have to grow according to what’s adequate and not what’s in demand. The climate controlled growing system enables you to set the major factors of plant success- temperature, humidity, CO2, hours of light- year round. Fresh herbs in de midst of winter, no problem for the Plant Factory.

- It’s all computer regulated Due to the closed system, no unexpected variables come in play in the climate control of the indoor farm. This sets the needed internal components which the computer can control all with precision. Once set, no human interaction is needed in maintaining the perfect growing conditions.

Air conditioning & airflow

On the back of the Plant Factory, a 17kW industrial HVAC unit is located which adjusts the air -indicated by the computer- to its needed levels before it’s recirculation through the indoor farm. Inside, the air will be injected between the plants by more than 50 air distribution hoses for a perfect temperature distribution throughout the container. The powerful ventilator inside the HVAC unit recirculates the air with a speed of 3000 m3/h, a total capacity exchange rate of once every 1,5 minutes. This high flushing rate prevents microclimates and stagnant air which can lead to mold and mildew. A little bit of fresh outside air is sucked in to create an internal overpressure to prevent small insects or deceases to enter the container and ruin the crops. By doing so, no pesticides are needed which results in healthier and safer food production. An overpressure valve is installed in the back. If the internal pressure rises too far, it opens and releases the air till the pressure is at its normal level.

Cooling and humidity control
The internal heat exchanger in the HVAC unit cools the air modulating and has a maximum cooling capacity of 17kW to offer a sound solution in all sorts of cooling needs. It also dehumidifies the air with a rate of ~6 liters/hour at 21C, 80% relative humidity. The water is recycled back to the fresh water tank so it can be re-fed to the plants.
The powerful LED lights inside the Plant factory double as a source of light and heat. Heat radiation from the lamps activate the photosynthesis process from the plants and warm up the farm to the set daytime temperature.
To control the perfect amount of CO2 needed for photosynthesis, the HVAC unit contains an automatic dosing valve which is connected to the CO2 bottle outside the container. This valve opens when the internal CO2 sensor in the container measures a lower amount of PPM than set in the computer. When it reaches the right level it automatically closes. The CO2 is mixed with air before its even left the HVAC unit for a perfect distribution.
Climate computer
The central climate computer controls all components of the Plant Factory. With professional horti-automation software, every adjustment is executed with precision. A long series of sensors measure the conditions of the indoor climate, water and various automated components inside the Plant Factory. The computer calculates its controls based on these measurements and the set ranges. In case some conditional levels deviate from the settings, the computer gives an automatic alarm so you always know what maintenance is needed right in time.