A cost-effective vertical farm in a container

The PlantFactory is a revolutionary plug-and-play solution for high volume, low cost production of fresh produce. Designed to be user-friendly and efficient, it enables anyone to grow crops in a controlled environment with ease.

Efficiency is key

The Plant Factory is a plug and play - shipping container based - farm. By using an insulated shipping container and creating an indoor climate, in the Plant Factory you can grow year round under the same climatic conditions.

Developing this product, we focused on maximum efficiency which have brought us a lot of difficulties but eventually resulted in a unique product. To maximise grow area and reduce labour, the containerfarm is equiped with high quality growing installations to take care of climate, irrigation, day- night, etc. The only activities left for you is seeding, planting, harvesting and small maintenance. 

In the Plant Factory you can grow:

  • days per year
  • kg of crop per day
  • hours of work per day

Aeroponics - the use of mist as irrigation - is used inside the Plant Factory to keep a clean and optimal growing environment. Pressure-regulated nozzles form the ideal amount of mist for roots to absorb water and nutrients. A series of sensors precision-measure the EC and PH level for the computer to regulate the amount of added A-, B nutrients and acid to the pre-set values so no human action is needed in this delicate process. Residual water is recirculated in to the irrigation unit to minimize water usage and disposal of valuable ingredients.


Grow Towers

Our self-developed grow towers form the solution to the 6,000-11,000 crops/month growing capacity of the Plant Factory. These towers are double sided so the maximum growing surface is used. Each tower contains 20 plug-holders which hold the crops in place, but most importantly, make the absorption of water and nutrients by the roots as effective as possible by holding them in a position which maximizes the surface for water collection. The simple but yet efficient design brings maintenance and replacements to a minimum.

Driving System

The cultivation area of the Plant Factory utilizes an automated “first in, first out” (FIFO) system where grow towers are suspended and spaced apart as needed during the growing process. This innovative system eliminates the need for a pathway to collect stationary towers, allowing us to fit two carousels, or four rows of double-sided growing towers, within a 40-foot container. Additionally, the distance between the towers and lights increases as the crops require more space to grow.

Sun-Like LED Lights

The Plant Factory's powerful LED lights are designed to recreate the optimal indoor growing environment by mimicking the spectrum of a mid-summer sun (350-800nm) that plants have evolved to thrive in. Each LED chip radiates a full spectrum color composition, providing a high-quality lighting environment that ensures optimal plant growth.

Climate Control

The Plant Factory's climate control system offers 365 perfect growing days by regulating the air to optimal conditions through a comprehensive HVAC unit that filters, adds CO2, cools, and dehumidifies the air. The system effectively injects cold air between the plants every 1.5 minutes (3000m3/h) and recirculates it to prevent stale air and balance the heat from the LED lights, creating an homogeneous climate for your crops to thrive in, regardless of your location on Earth.


The fully computer-regulated internal systems work together specified to the applied settings like EC, PH, temperature, CO2, day- night schedule etc. Set it once and the computer takes care of the rest. Something’s off? The computer will give an alarm so you know what is going on.